PurOl Onyx Series


Derived from 100% synthetic base stocks. ?Pur?l Elite Series lubricants are scientifically developed for maximum efficiency, horsepower and torque gains.  



Focused break-in additives that provide premium protection.

Prevents to reduce the potential of engine failure and wear during the engine break in process.

  • Removes?any?contaminants left during the engine building process.
  • Premium?protection of all internal engine components on initial start-up including?pushrods, camshafts, flat tappet and roller rockers.
  • Focused break-in additive package?includes:?ZINC, PHOSPHOROUS AND MOLYBDENUM.
  • Excellent?film for new bearing and journal protection
  • Fast?piston ring seating
  • Cleans?and?Protects?freshly machined surfaces
  • Blended from the?Highest-Quality?mineral base stocks.
  • SAE 30 Formula?contains no viscosity modifiers and is compatible with petroleum and synthetic motor oils.

Recommended running of??30 minutes?or longer in new, rebuilt engines for?High Performance, Street, Restoration, Testing or Racing?applications. PurOl Onyx is also ideal as a dyno or ?reference? oil during product testing.

All?Pur?l Onyx Series lubricants are available in 1-Quart Bottles.


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Weight 2 lbs
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